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Club Committees



Club Administration

Prepare the meeting room: Post the U.S. Flag and Kiwanis banners. Regulate the blinds, curtains, and lighting. Set up greeter table with badge box, sign-in sheets, 50/50 drawing tickets, money receptacles. Place  Kiwanis bell, gavel, and podium at head table. Assist speaker with setup, if necessary. Coordinate with restaurant manager to regulate temperature, sound, service, and support. Secure CCKC property in storage, transport and set up required items at remote locations, and return to storage after event. Schedule Weekly Greeters and Program Coordinators.

Tom Duggar & Nathan Dollar (Chairs)


Members: Rose Ledbetter, Woody Price, Joe Sanders

Eliminate Project

Support the goals of the Eliminate Project. Raise awareness and funds to ensure the success of Kiwanis International’s goal of raising $110 million to help eliminate maternal/neonatal tetanus, which affects nearly 129 million mothers and their future babies in 39 countries. Develop service projects that focus on maternal and neonatal concerns in the local community, thus linking the global campaign to our community through hands-on service.

Jim Wylie (Chair)


Members: Jim Ledbetter, Woody Price

Interclub Relations
Encourage member participation in visits to all area clubs at least once a year: Organize and schedule interclub visits. Arrange transport. Inform Club Secretary of those attending for attendance credit.  

Jim Wylie (Chair)

Members: Dustin Driggers, Bruce Gillander, Woody Price

Public Relations/Promotions/Marketing
Ensure that club members, other Kiwanians, and the public receive news about club events, service projects, fundraisers, goals, programs and achievements. Primary outlets include: CCKC Newsletter, radio and TV stations, Tallahassee Democrat and other print outlets, Florida Kiwanis Floridian and KI Kiwanis Magazine, email, club website, Facebook, etc. Seek newsworthy inputs and photos from club membership and committees. Publish weekly club meeting information to absent members. Publish weekly club meeting info in local news outlets, e.g. Tallahassee Democrat. Publish articles on club activities in Kiwanis magazines. Maintain club website and Facebook page.  

Michael German & Tom Morgan (Chairs)

Members: Nathan Dollar, Howard Eisenman, Jim Ledbetter, Rose Ledbetter, Jack Levine, Woody Price, Tony Shah


Maintain and increase membership. Develop new member prospect lists and recruitment opportunities. Plan membership drives and organizes and supports “4 = 1 membership teams." Set growth goals and recommend target groups, in conjunction with the President and BOD. Consider membership applications and submit recommendations to BOD. Schedule effective orientation training for new members. Stock and maintain membership materials and information packets for prospective members. Order and stock club T-shirts and Polo shirts for members. Promote regular attendance by members at all club meetings. 

Linda Smith & Emma Huddleston (Chairs)


Members: Howard Eisenman, Woody Price, Joe Sanders, Linda Smith, Jim Wylie

Fund Development/Finance

Raise funds to meet club obligations, sustain service projects, and maintain club solvency. Seek, examine, and recommend new ways to raise funds. Analyze current fund-raising projects to determine efficiency and effectiveness. Ensure maximum participation of club members in fund-raising projects. 

Amber Tynan & Woody Price (Chairs)


Members: Tony Shah, Dianne Van der Meer, Jim Wylie

Community Service

Identify, recommend, and implement community projects in the following areas – arts, business affairs, citizenship, civic improvement, beautification, conservation, health, international understanding, literacy, public affairs, safety or help for senior citizens, disabled, underprivileged, and troubled persons. Ensure projects are consistent with Objects and Theme of Kiwanis. Evaluate project recommendations to ensure they meet community needs. Evaluate project results and recommend modifications to BOD. Assist service project leaders and encourage maximum member participation. Coordinate with and assist the Young Children: Priority One Committee.  

Dustin Driggers & Fred Williams (Chairs)


Members: Lola Brognano, Dwight Davis, Nathan Dollar, Connie Gaede, Emma Huddleston, Linda Smith, Dianne Van der Meer

Human and Spiritual Values
Identify, recommend, and implement community projects that focus on ethics, values, and family and promote the development and exercise of human and spiritual values.
Jack Levine & Rose Patterson (Chairs)

Dustin Driggers, Dianne Van der Meer

Young Children: Priority One

Focus on the needs of children, especially high-risk families with children birth to five, the underprivileged, abused, homeless, and disabled. Identify, recommend to the BOD and implement CCKC service projects that fall into four key categories: Maternal and infant health, Child care and development, Parent education and support, and Safety and pediatric trauma. Evaluate effectiveness of projects and makes recommendations to the BOD. Seek maximum participation of CCKC members in service projects. 
Coordinate with and assist Community Services and Fundraising Committees. 

Jennifer Ohlsen & Jim Ledbetter (Chairs)


Members: Emma Huddleston, Jack Levine, Dianne Van der Meer

Service Leadership Programs

These programs are the future of Kiwanis and a primary focus of CCKC, thus it is the duty of the club to empower our youngest leaders to serve the community and open doors for them to change the world. Provide CCKC advisors to interface with faculty advisors, school principals and parents. Provide CCKC resources to advise, mentor, and support clubs. Encourage growth and participation in development programs. Encourage maximum participation and support of CCKC members in youth club activities. Encourage participation in CCKC service projects and activities. Assist in developing service and fund-raising programs. Invite leadership, advisors, and school principals to CCKC meetings, BOD meetings, and socials. Recognition of advisors and teachers through stipends for advisors and Apples for Teachers. Achieve school and community recognition of service activities. Recommend budgetary support to BOD.

KIWANIS KIDS (K-KIDS) – Ruediger Elementary
GOALS:  Establish a Bring-up-Grades (BUG) program. Enhance Terrific Kids program. Encourage future membership in Builders Club and Key Club.

BUILDERS CLUB – Raa Middle School & Woodville Middle School
GOALS: Establish viable club leadership structure, emphasizing service and continuity. Encourage future membership in Key Club.

KEY CLUBS – Lincoln, Rickards, and SAIL High Schools
GOALS: Establish viable club leadership structure, emphasizing service and continuity. Encourage future membership in Circle K. 

Sam Kerce & Woody Price (Chairs)


CCKC Advisors:

K-Kids - Janet Morgan 

Builders Club - Fred Williams & Rose Patterson

Key Clubs - Lola Brognano, Jim Ledbetter, & Howard Pardue